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How to Install a Chimney Pot

Installing chimney pots is quite easy and most installations require a few hours.

ChimneyPot.Com- Chimney without Chimney Pot
Chimney without chimney pot
ChimneyPot.Com- Chimney with Chimney Pot
Chimney with chimney pot

The tools you’ll typically need are simple: a ladder, a trowel, and mortar.  Wire mesh and silicon caulk for a top screen are optional.

For areas with severe weather, you may wish to add a matching terra cotta rainguard. Click here to see our selection of rainguards.

1. Attach Wire Mesh (Optional)
Prior to bringing the chimney pot to the roof, you may wish to cut wire mesh to the size of the chimney pot’s top opening and secure with silicone caulk. This will prevent leaves and animals from entering the flue.
ChimneyPot.Com- Attaching Mesh to a Chimney Pot
Attaching mesh
ChimneyPot.Com- Removing Excess Flue Tile from Chimney Pot
Cut excess flue
2. Remove Excess Flue Tile
Remove any flue tile that extends above the top of the chimney using a circular saw and masonry blade. This will ensure that, after installation, water will not be come trapped in the space between the tile and the chimney pot, where it could freeze and cause damage.

3. Place the Chimney Pot in Mortar
Once the flue tile is level with the chimney top, lay three inches of mortar around the flue. Place the chimney pot into the mortar and push it down to ensure a good hold.
ChimneyPot.Com- Placing Your Chimney Pot in Mortar
Place the chimney pot
ChimneyPot.Com- Tapering the Mortar of Your Chimney Pot
Taper the mortar
4. Taper the Mortar
Using a trowel, taper the mortar up to the chimney pot. This will allow rainwater to run down away from the chimney pot rather than become trapped between the chimney pot and mortar, where it could freeze and expand.
5. Maintenance
Once installed, the mortar holding the chimney pot should be inspected for cracks at least every 10 years, but preferably whenever the chimney is swept. Chimney pots themselves rarely break.
ChimneyPot.Com- Maintaining Your Chimney Pot
Completed installation / The Chimney Pot Shoppe
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