Bantam Style E Jumbo Crown Clay Chimney Pot

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Add a luxurious style to your chimney with the Bantam Style E Jumbo Crown Clay Chimney Pot. These chimney pots are created from naturally occurring clays and minerals and are designed to last a lifetime. Clay Pots can exceed 500lbs in weight. Be sure that you are prepared for the installation of your clay pot. For extra rain protection add one of our Chimney Pot Toppers. They act as an umbrella to keep water out of your chimney.

Chimney pots are intended to fit over the outside of your existing flue and attached firmly with mortar. If a chimney pot cannot fit on the outside of your flue, it's recommended the base of the chimney pot impinges no more than 3/4 of an inch. Your neighbors will surely admire these handmade works of art.


  • Top Opening - 11 inch Diameter
  • Height of 32 inch
  • Mortar Mount
  • Type: Single Flue
  • Shape: Octagon
  • Outer Base Diameter: 17"
  • Item Weight: 153 lbs.